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Bible Study

Bible Study

STANDING IN THE GAP MIN., INC. is a fellowship or conglomerate of Apostolic (not the denomination) minded leaders with 21st century ears and vision.  It consists of churches, ministries, businesses, and leaders of all kinds; both foreign and domestic.  S.C. Johnson, Sr. has a vision to mobilize and train leaders to strategize, so that we may impact our cities for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  He works with all levels and areas of leadership in society to bring about empowerment.  S.C. Johnson, Sr. has a vision to aide inner-city, urban America thru I.C.E. Society---Inner City Empowerment Society. Strong emphasis on helping the poor and feeding the homeless, SITGMI serves as a covering to bring about kingdom accountability, mentoring and fellowship.  S.C. Johnson Sr. (Elect Lady Tara) serves as a spiritual Father to many in North America as well as abroad. 

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Get Connected! Consider partnering with us to impact the community and advance the Kindom thru mentorship, fellowship, networking and community 

sponsorship. Click here to see our current Partners and community involvement.

BECOME A "WORD WARRIOR" for only $10.99/mo and receive 4-6 mp3 downloads each month of S.C. Johnson, Sr. ministering the word of the Most High!



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