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S.C. Johnson, Sr. & Tara Johnson

S.C. JOHNSON, Sr. is the Senior Servant of Kingdom Dominion Abundant Life Center, Inc. / Standing In The GAP Ministries, Inc. based in Orlando, Florida. He is a shepherd's shepherd and has been called to pour into and develop leaders.  He is active in the hedges and by-ways on a daily basis...a field general.  A revivalist by nature, he is known for ministering under a heavy anointing and having a SURE word from the Lord. Elect Lady, Tara Johnson, is an anointed psalmist and teacher with an excellent spirit and brings a balance to their ministry.

Rodney & Michelle Roberts

Bishop Roberts is the Senior Pastor and Founder of The Dominion Center, located in Rochester, NY. Blessed with a unique mix of talents, Pastor Roberts’ passion and God given assignment is to bring people into the revelation and truth of God’s Word. He preaches the truth with simplicity and love! Elect Lady Michelle uncompromisingly teaches the principles of the Kingdom of God to direct women to their purpose and the realization of their full potential.

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